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Chat moderation tool for online communities

Elevate community trust and safety with effective chat content moderation software that blends human discernment with automated precision.

Hero Moderation Mobile

Low-effort, high-impact chat auto moderation

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No integration

Deploying Sendbird Advanced Moderation requires no code or integration. Free up your engineering resources & elevate your community trust & safety.

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Boost operational efficiency through one moderation dashboard to automate, moderate live, review content, and more.

Increase operational efficiency Increase operational efficiency
Automated trust & safety

Industry-leading digital apps, building effective content moderation strategies, trust Sendbird for scalability and performance.

The ultimate chat moderator toolkit

Enhance your online content moderation strategies by enforcing community guidelines through smart and fast auto-moderation while involving your online community moderators only for the most intricate user-generated content.

Mod rule eng
Moderation Rule Engine
Moderation Review Queue
Live Moderation Dashboard
Moderation Records

Boost efficacy with an all-in-one chat moderation software

Automate rules, review content and intercede promptly in live chats directly from the Sendbird moderation dashboard.

Mod mobile

Chat content moderation for any online community

Live events
Live events

Preserve the fun of your online community by proactively curbing toxic behavior and promoting a cheerful climate through effective chat moderation.

Social communities
Social Communities

Secure the trust and safety of your online community by eliminating harmful and illicit activities through vigilant moderation.


Stop unauthorized sharing of personally identifiable information (PII), deter off-platform transactions, and combat fraud with watchful moderation.


Boost player lifetime value (LTV) and foster community safety and belonging by controlling language through responsive moderation.


Create safe live lectures and study group discussions, by eradicating bullying, distraction, and disruptions.

Custom use cases
Custom use cases

Seeking to grow a safe and healthy community that will reflect positively on your brand image? Let us show you how our content chat moderation toolkit can help!

Enhance in-app community safety today!

Empower content moderators with advanced moderation tools for online community management.

Note: The Advance Moderation product is in private beta and only available for Enterprise customers who use Sendbird Chat or plan to. Contact us for other chat moderation tools available with Sendbird Chat.

Automated moderation
Automated moderation

Deliver unparalleled scale, speed, and precision with chat auto-moderation.

Moderator centric

Leverage chat content moderators ' insights for reviewing auto-moderated content and actively participating in live chat channels.

Seamless activation
Seamless activation

Effortlessly empower chat moderators with intuitive moderation software for manual and auto-moderation – no coding or integration necessary.

Searchable records
Searchable records

Maintain a comprehensive history of chat moderation records for compliance, training, and improvement of community guidelines for content moderation.

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