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In-app conversations for stronger digital communities

Build and retain real-time community interactions on your platform with Sendbird. Grow engagement through intimate conversations between friends.

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"We decided on Sendbird primarily for two reasons: the product seemed very much in line with our needs (i.e., richly-featured chat service), and their client base gave us confidence that they would be able to handle our traffic and projected growth."

Ben Celebicic
, CTO at Hinge

Deepen user engagement with real-time interactions

Share and respond to the latest as it happens. Give your community a platform to chat and share rich media about the topics that matter most when they matter most.

Online community user engagement Online community user engagement
Build trust and safety among communities

With Sendbird’s moderation tools, your community can build and share positive experiences, remove toxicity, and create trust in your platform and app.

Online community trust and safety Online community trust and safety
Manage users across open & private channels

As communities scale, guarantee your users a place to belong by empowering them to start conversations that matter.

Online community open and private channels Online community open and private channels

Connect people & communities with chat, voice, video, and live experiences

Sendbird’s conversations platform enables communities to grow with group chat, voice, & video calls. That’s why vibrant communities like Dream11 and Blind connect users with Sendbird.

Stronger in-app communications. Tighter communities.

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Power instant and viral messages

Community members can share any media or meme in real-time. Notifications, typing indicators, and friend lists establish presence and keep people glued in.

  • Send any media easily
    Share gifs Video ∙ Audio ∙ Images – anything in an automatically rendered thumbnail
  • Keep everyone in the loop in real-time
    Push notifications ∙ Announcement messages ∙ Custom notifications built with webhooks
  • Create community presence
    Typing indicators ∙ Read receipts ∙ Friend and group lists
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Standardize safe and respectful interactions

Sendbird helps your community defend against trolls and toxicity with automatic or manual moderation tools, profanity filters, and spam flood protection.

  • Built-in safety for chat
    Automatic image blocking ∙ Profanity Filters ∙ Spam flood protection ∙ Encrypted files ∙ User-to-user blocking
  • Moderation for community managers
    Freeze channels ∙ Mute, ban, or deactivate users ∙ Announcement messages
  • Privacy and security first
    HIPAA and HITECH ∙ ISO27001 ∙ GDPR
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Easily manage every user, group, or channel

Create spaces for a variety of conversations and let users access all of them easily. Connect people in group chats, then allow them to build 1-on-1 connections.

  • Group chat for any specialized topic
    Private and public group chats ∙ Channel lists
  • Scale to match your community, always
    Supports over 1 million concurrent connections and 500 million messages per day ∙ Across any platform ∙ Web or mobile
  • Create community presence
    Friend lists ∙ Group invitations ∙ 1-on-1 messaging