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Create a custom AI chatbot for your website in minutes

Build a custom GPT on your website and mobile apps to automate engagement, marketing, sales, and support with conversational AI.

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Build your own custom AI chatbot with no code

Make an AI chatbot in 5 simple steps

Follow our straightforward onboarding flow to create and deploy an AI chatbot on your website.

Ai chatbot easy setup Ai chatbot easy setup
Customize your AI chatbot UI

Tailor every customer interaction and deliver unparalleled AI customer service using your first-party data.

Ai chatbot ui kit Ai chatbot ui kit
Gain customer insights

Refine your services, products, and business strategies with critical customer data from your AI chatbot conversations.

Ai chatbot customer insight Ai chatbot customer insight
Redfin case study ai chatbot page Redfin case study ai chatbot page
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"We received outstanding support during our build-out, with engineers readily assisting us. The onboarding package was exceptionally beneficial and responsive. The team quickly adapted and addressed our evolving needs, ensuring our requirements were met."

Sebastian Lozano, Sr. Product Manager at Redfin

Design custom GPTs tailored to your business needs

Create highly customized AI chatbots with no code straight from the Sendbird dashboard.

Moderation Rule Engine
Create bespoke AI prompts
Train your AI chatbot with your data
Design your own custom AI chatbot widget
Test your AI chatbot before production

Produce AI bots for various roles across your business

Lead generation

Get your visitors' data using a lead-generation AI chatbot.

AI shopping assistance chatbot
Shopping assistance

Unleash AI on your e-commerce website and drive sales through a chat widget.

Customer service

Enable round-the-clock, global, conversational AI customer service.

legal assistance ai chatbot
Legal assistance

Streamline legal research and drafting with efficient and knowledgeable AI chatbots.


Speed up the candidate screening process with a conversational AI chatbot.


Boost patient care with an AI chatbot for easy healthcare appointment booking.

Orchestrate workflows for
your custom AI chatbot with no code

Boost CSAT scores with chatbot workflows that efficiently handle incoming requests, increasing deflection rates and reducing resolution times.

Ai chatbot workflows 2x

 AI chatbot platform - features

Custom chatbot widget builder
Chatbot UI & UX
AI knowledge sources
AI customization
AI Chatbot Automation
AI Chatbot analytics & logs

Additional AI customer service solutions

Salesforce Connector

Elevate your Salesforce live chat experience with Sendbird and improve efficiency with AI chatbots.

sendbird support chat
Sendbird Desk

Boost CSAT with a support chat solution that streamlines AI chatbot deployment and agent management for better customer service.

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Build your custom AI chatbot today!

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