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Reduce order cancellations with mobile conversations

Sendbird helps the fastest-growing rideshare & delivery companies connect drivers, consumers, and support agents within the mobile app to ensure order completion.

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Timing is everything. Resolve order issues ASAP with in-app conversations. 

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Glovo reduces order cancellations by 50% with Sendbird

Spain's leading food delivery service cuts order cancellations in half across 15M+ active users

Minimize order cancellations

Prevent cancellations before they happen. Use mobile conversations across chat, voice, and video to connect all parties in real time.

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Control support costs

Save on expensive live support agent calls while maintaining high CSAT by using real-time chat to resolve issues before escalation.

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Reduce your reliance on SMS

Take back control of the user experience by focusing on cost-effective in-app messages instead of SMS, often the second largest expense of on-demand businesses.

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Cheaper and more reliable than SMS

SMS is expensive & rife with scams. In-app chat, voice, & video are more cost-effective and reliable alternatives. Best of all, you control the experience and the data.

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Deliver marketing offers that convert

Message customers in-app to nudge them towards their next order by using targeted announcements & notifications. Your in-app conversations can turn support into sales & marketing.

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A WhatsApp-like experience in your own app

Customize and brand our white-labeled solution inside your own app, then launch within weeks. After all, consumers love messaging with social features & rich media.

In-app communication at the
speed of on-demand

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iFood added in-app chat to improve communication between delivery drivers and customers.

Sendbird gives your marketplace the tools to deliver
a premium messaging experience so you can create an engaging, transparent booking and delivery experience.

With Sendbird’s interaction capabilities inside your app, you can stay on top of unexpected changes.