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The best software & API 
communications platform

The one communication platform to seamlessly connect users, brands, and systems through chatvoice & video, omnichannel messaging, and AI across your customer journey for engagement, sales, marketing, and support.

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In-app first, omnichannel software & API platform

Enhance engagement Enhance engagement
Drive engagement

Maximize engagement by leveraging users' preferred communication methods and channels.

Boost Loyalty Boost Loyalty
Increase conversions

Lift conversion with always-on AI chatbots, omnichannel business messaging, and branded, secure, and media rich in-app communication.

Boost customer satisfaction Boost customer satisfaction
Boost loyalty

Boost retention with seamless and effective digitial interactions that foster enduring customer relationships.

1-way messages

Business messaging

Maximize open rates while minimizing cost with omnichannel notifications spanning high-performing channels like SMS, push notifications, in-app notifications, WhatsApp, and KakaoTalk

AI conversations

AI Chatbots

Build custom AI chatbots for your website and mobile apps in minutes and leverage the multilingual, conversational abilities for ecommerce, healthcarecustomer service, and more. 

Img calls Img calls

2-way communications

Chat, voice, and video

Foster strong relationships between users and with your brand through secure, media-rich interactions, including in-app chat, voice, & video calls.

Built by developers for developers

UIKits and SDKs designed for quick and effortless integrations.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • JavaScript
  • Flutter
  • Platform
            let initParams = InitParams(applicationId: appId)
SendbirdChat.initialize(params: initParams)
SendbirdChat.addChannelDelegate(self, identifier: delegateId)
SendbirdChat.connect(userId: userId) { user, error in
    // Get channel
    GroupChannel.getChannel(url: channelURL) { channel, error in
        // Send message
        channel?.sendUserMessage(message) { message, error in
            // Message sent

In-app communication for all industries

Sendbird powers in-app communication for healthcare, marketplaces, fintech, social communities, and more.

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Enterprise-ready compliance

Craft secure chats with industry-leading standards.

  • User authentication & authorization
  • AES256 encryption
  • OpenSSL
  • TLS 1.3

Ready to take your customer communication to the next level?