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Build engaging live streaming apps

Host private, custom-built live video events directly in your web and mobile apps with a reliable & scalable API.


Craft a branded live streaming experience

Engage your audience in real-time, foster deeper connections, and make your content truly come alive with Sendbird's chat, voice, and video APIs.

Broadcast live to your apps globally & on any device

Build your own scalable live streaming service quickly and on your terms, tailored to your brand and audience — no need to compromise.

Create fun chat & video watch parties

Make every moment fun and interactive for your audience with live moderation, private group chats enhanced with voice and video.

Drive monetization with perfect workflows

Launch marketing & sales campaigns during live streams, offer chat support, embed checkout, fulfillment, and more with 3rd party APIs.


Up to 100k participants per events


AWS regions video cloud infrastructure


Sub-second WebRTC latency

Live video & chat APIs trusted by leading brands

Turn your app into a live video streaming platform

Build your own custom live video and chat experiences and aim for engagement greatness with Sendbird's streaming, chat, voice & video APIs.

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Livestream from and to any device
Stream real-time video and chat concurrently
Scale globally on day one
Live, chat, and call APIs for every interaction
Monitor streams with livestream analytics

Live chat, voice, and video. All in one. 

Build memorable live video streaming experience seamlessly with Sendbird's feature-rich API platform.

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Live chat moderation
RTMP and OBS support
Cloud recording
Screen Sharing
Camera filters
Live video reactions
Sendbird Live studio

High-quality live streaming

Sendbird Live Video Details
Sendbird Live Audio Details


Hosts & viewers
Video processing
Img chat Img chat


Quickly integrate world-class chat features

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Engage further with voice & video

  • High-quality and low-latency WebRTC-powered video
  • One-on-one & video group calls for private conversations
  • Auto-adjusted volume levels between group calls and the Livestream

Build video streaming faster
with UI Kits

Integrate live video streams quickly in your apps with the Sendbird Live UIKits for iOS, Android, and React.

Download the sample apps

Ready to get started?